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Many Kansas City urgent care centers maintain an onsite pharmacy in order to dispense medication at the time of the vivit. Often times this is done as an added patient convenience. However even those that do maintain an onsite pharmacy are unable to stock a comprehensive supply of medications and often times may not have the medication or pharmacy supplies you require. Since visits to Hansas City urgent care centers ofern occur in the evenings and on weekends locating an open pharmacy can be difficult. We have therefore included a list of pharmacies in and around Kansas City that market themselves as 24 hour pharmacies.

It is best to call these 24 hour Kansas City pharmacies before you visit them to confirm their hours and location.

Below is a list of 24 hour pharmacies in and around Kansas City.

Osco Drug: 24 Hour Pharmacies‎
7501 Metcalf Avenue, Shawnee Mission, KS‎ - (913) 642-6100‎

Walmart Supercenter: Pharmacy‎
8551 North Boardwalk Avenue, Kansas City, MO‎ - (816) 741-2214‎

1914 Swift Avenue, North Kansas City, MO‎ - (816) 221-1603‎

Walgreens Pharmacies‎
NEC Antioch & Vivion, 2630 NE Vivion Rd, Kansas City, MO‎ - (816) 459-7175‎
1 review
"Store features include a computerized system connecting pharmacies nationwide via satellite, grocery-store food aisles, one-hour photofinishing and an ..."‎‎

7501 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS‎ - (913) 642-6330‎