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Kansas City urgent care centers can sometimes assist with dental emergencies by at least providing pain relief or antibiotics when an infection is present. However finding an emergency dentist in Kansas City willing to see you immediately with a dental emergency can be at times quite difficult.

Included here is a list of dentists in and around Kansas City that have marketed themselves as offering emergency dental assistance.

Below is a list of Emergency Dentists in and around Kansas City.

Dental Emergency Services: Koshland Stephen DDS‎
7301 Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS‎ - (913) 722-6611‎

Dr. Steven C. Mingos and Associates, LLC.
(816) 629 - 4929
4746 Belleview Ave.
Kansas City, MO

Rose Tommy‎
753 State Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66101-2516
(913) 321-3999