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Kansas City Urgent Care is dedicated to helping patients in need of immediate health care locate Ugent Care Centers, Convenience Care Clinics (RetailClinics) and private doctors who offer walk in appointments and same day doctor visits in the Kansas City area.

Kansas City Urgent Care will help patients seeking immediate care understand the differences between urgent care centers, retail clinics and physicians willing to see same day patient appointments in Kansas City in order to assist them in determining where to obtain appropriate care. Finding a doctor in Kansas City willing to accept same day appointments can be difficult. Kansas City Urgent Care will serve as a directory to help patients locate these same day doctors in Kansas City and obtain access to care.

Urgent Care centers offer acute, non-emergent care emphasizing customer service. Most Kansas City Urgent Care centers offer walk in visits, extended weekday and weekend hours as well as expanded services compared to primary care doctors offices. Services typically offered in urgent care centers in Kansas City include treatment of common illnesses like ear infections, urinary infections and influenza as well as laceration repair and management of simple fractures. Services vary from one urgent care clinic to the next so i is best to call ahead to be certain you can get the care you need.

Most Kansas City Urgent Care Centers offer extended, convenient hours including nights and weekends bot once again it is best to phone ahead to confirm the center is open when you need them.

Below is a list of urgent care centers in and around Kansas City.

Heartland Urgent Care‎
2040 Hutton Rd, Kansas City, KS‎ - (913) 378-2045‎

Ps Urgent Care Center‎
1601 Meadowlark Ln, Kansas City, KS‎ - (913) 287-1400‎

Concentra Urgent Care‎
4214 Kansas Ave, Kansas City, KS‎ - (913) 321-7557‎

Adult Quick Care‎
1333 Meadowlark Ln, Kansas City, KS‎ - (913) 596-2051‎

Concentra Urgent Care‎
200 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO‎ - (816) 842-1146‎

PS Urgent Care‎
1601 Meadowlark Ln, Kansas City, KS‎ - (913) 287-1400‎

Shawnee Mission Medical Center: Urgent Care-Shawnee Mission Medical Building‎
Kansas City, KS‎ - (913) 362-5510‎

Sunflower Medical Group & Urgent Care‎
5555 W 58th St, Mission, KS‎ - (913) 432-2080‎